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FreeRange is the fun and frantic chicken chasing game where you must complete various tasks in order to win back the farm. Take shortcuts by using your inventions to speed up the job! This unique game, with a funky country soundtrack, is a "thinking person's" action game.

The Free version contains more than ten fun-filled levels that you can explore and conquer as many times as you like! You can upgrade at any time with only a few clicks.

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Jake has come up with a few things to make life easier...

Jake's favourite machine is the Chicken-Chucker. Once this machine is positioned correctly, chickens can be harmlessly flung to the desired location.
One day Jake accidentally reversed the polarity on one of his electricity generating windmills. This new contraption can be used to blow the chickens, roosters and ducks towards home.
By using the Chicken-Chucker, windmill, scarecrow, seeds and other clever devices in unlimited combinations, Jake can use his brain, as well as his brawn, to get those chickens where they need to go.
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No chickens were harmed in the making of FreeRange.